Curved Spatula en

Custom Made


The curved spatula is great for many cooking tasks.
It's shape makes it easy to get in to the corner of a pan.
The flat bottom is great for scooping up and turning food.
I designed this curved shape with chahan in mind (stir fry rice dish) but I have found may other uses for it too.

The Spatula has a 100% food safe finishing oil.

I recommend washing this by hand, please don't chuck it in the dishwasher.


• Prime grade ash hardwood

Each Spatular Dominic makes is unique due to using natural materials and being hand made, no two are exactly the same.

Notes: Made to order
Once your order is placed I will email you and let you know will be starting to make your spatula.
If you have any questions or would like to order this item, please use the Contact Form