Custom Board 02

¥42,000 Coming Soon

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Custom one-off board!
Book matched walnut grain on the bottom layer, with ash wood core.
The shape of this board has a little extra width and concave in the front foot area combined with a raised box shaped tail.
Designed to be very nimble and smooth while pumping.

This board has a retro slalom feel with the ability to pop ollies while cursing.

L: 795mm
W: 215mm
Tail: 160mm
Nose: 85mm

In Stock - sold as a complete set up with:
  • Deck - one off - CopseWorks
  • Trucks - Tracker
  • Truck bushings - upgraded
  • Truck pads - Tracker
  • Wheels - Cadillac 59mm 78A
  • Bearings - Seismic classic
  • Nuts & bolts
  • Grip-tape - premium - black