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Would you like me,

to make something for you?

A recent project I worked on with
Tree Heads & co.
Backery remodel




To talk about the type of piece and the intended use. This can be done by email, online call, or in person.

Once I have an idea about your needs, I will recommend the type of work I can make for you.


A quote is made for the project, this is done by the time taken to make + materials used in the prosses of making the works.

A total price is agreed for the project, and a deposit is paid to fix the schedule.


A final concept is made at this stage, and I begin the making process in my studio (updates are emailed, with progress on the work).

On completion the final payment is paid.

At this time you are welcome to come to the studio for collection or we can arrange delivery of the item/s to you.


This kind of work very much depends on each project, so it's hard to give accurate time scales on this web-page.
If you have an idea for a project or piece, please contact me and give as much information about it as you can. I will reply with an estimated time and answer any other questions you have.

Please email me at:

Please Note:

To accommodate requests,
I work on a first come first serve basis.
This allows me to focusing on
one project at a time,
giving each project the attention needed.

The works I create are mostly handmade, using various materials.
A great deal of time, care and attention goes into the creation of each piece.

I look forward to working with you, Dominic

A  project from a few years ago
Bespoke made bee home.

Bellow is a bespoke made entrance way,
Staircase spaning 3 floors
and a front door